Argumentative Essay for Sale

You are probably wondering how to write an argumentative essay. This is an important question that every high school and college student needs to answer. Thanks to the world wide web we now have thousands of possibilities at the tip of our fingers – not only information on how to start an argumentative essay, what are the good argumentative essay topics, how to create an argumentative essay outline, but also where to find argumentative essay for sale. For, let’s be honest, sometimes we simply cannot handle all our tasks in a timely manner. Thus, sometimes people need to find essays for sale, such as those that offer argumentative essay help. Here we will touch on how to make an argumentative essay, as well as what you need to know if you wish to buy one. Let’s go!

What is an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative essays are essays that are written according to a specific issue that the writer wants to take a stance on. The writer will try to persuade their readers to support (or at least understand) the point of view that is provided. To do so, they give valid reasoning, as well as different pieces of evidence.
Such essays are frequently given in high school and in college, as well. They are typically found in the fields of science, health care, politics, and technology.


Argumentative Essay Outline

There should be a specific structure in the argumentative essay so that the readers can easily follow the reasoning. The goal is to be outlined a specific point of view and to be provided with evidence for it.
The first part of the essay is the introduction. Here you should point out the topic, but also give the needed background information. You should also outline what evidence are you going to provide. The introduction is also the part to state the thesis.
The thesis is important enough to be given its specific place in our article. It is a part of the introduction paragraph. This is a one-sentence summary of what is your claim that you are going to defend.
Next, we are reaching the body paragraphs. Usually, they need to be at least three, maybe more. Here you need to explain why are you supporting that thesis by offering valid reasons. Each paragraph is given a piece of different evidence or idea. In each paragraph, you need to point out, in one topic sentence, a concise explanation of why your position is valid. In the body paragraphs you give examples, statistics, studies if there are such, examples, as well as citations, if related. Make sure to touch on different points of view and show evidence against them. Present the facts and look at the topic from every angle. This will allow your reader to trust you.
Then comes the conclusion. This should be one paragraph that restates the thesis. Here you should also summarize the arguments that you have made. You shouldn’t present more arguments or facts, but actually conclude the matter at hand.

How to Start an Argumentative Essay – the Thesis

The thesis may be only one sentence, but this is the most important sentence in the whole essay. It will be stated in the introduction and the whole essay will circle around it. To make sure you are stating a concise and clear thesis, do the following.
When starting the essay, think of the biggest question you are stating and try to answer it. Then try to make that answer into a thesis. You can not only make a hypothetical question, but you can also pose a real question as a title or somewhere in the introduction before the thesis itself.
Refute a previously stated argument. Start by introducing an opposite idea, then show why do you disagree with that idea.
Or, provide a brief outline of the main point. Introduce what it is, then provide an explanation on how to back it up.

What Claims Can You Make

One, it can be a fact – stating that something is true or false.
Second, it can be a definition and your interpretation of it.
Third, it may be value-related – why what you are arguing for is important.
Or, it can be “cause-and-effect” – what leads to the problem and what are the effects of it.
The fifth one we want to touch on is the thesis of why the reader should be mindful of the claim you are providing.

Main Types of Arguments

Three are the main types of arguments you can use when doing an argumentative essay.
The first is classical. Here you are presenting your argument. Then you are stating the opinion you have. Afterward, you are trying to make the reader believe in your stance. This is also called the Aristotelian argument and it is a really popular strategy for it is a simple way to present arguments. It can be quite effective for an audience that isn’t really informed about the topic or doesn’t have a strong opinion on it.
The second one is the Rogerian. Here you start by presenting the problem. Next, you need to give some acknowledgment to the opposing side. Afterward, you state what your point of view is. The goal is to explain why it is more credible than the opposing one. This can be quite effective on topics that are polarizing for it acknowledges both of the sides in the argument.
The third main type is the Toulmin. Here you start by presenting the claim. Now you present grounds that support it. Afterward, you convince the readers that the grounds you are presenting are relevant to the claim. This can also do you a huge favor for topics that are polarizing, but it presents one side only.


Argumentative Essay Tips

When doing such an essay, use convincing language. Try to use passion, as well. Illustrate that you have a wide knowledge of the topic and that you understand it completely and fully. Use statistics, facts, informed opinions of experts, and examples to support the statements you are presenting. Address the opposing side and refute the claims that they may present. Try not to show bias. Don’t confuse the readers – make sure you are clearly taking a stand.
Don’t use qualifiers that show belief – such as “I believe”, “I think”, etc. This will lower the trust your readers have in you. Don’t presume that the audience will also take your stance. Don’t use strict claims that lie on religion or morals. Don’t use strong expressions that rely on personality. When doing the conclusion, simply make an overview of the essay, don’t introduce anything new.

Good Argumentative Essay Topics

If you aren’t given a particular topic, you will probably wonder what are the best argumentative essay topics. Let us check out some of them.
“Do GMOs help us or hurt us?”
“Should vaccinations be mandatory?”
“Should governments take a stance against climate change?”
“Should Facebook have the legal ability to collect user data?”
“What is the impact of the Internet?”
“Should it be legal to have a self-driving car?”
“Is it ethical to use automation instead of human workers?”
“Should college athletes get paid?”
“Should there be gender segregation in sports?”
“Should there be a religion class in school?”
“Should it be legal for minors to take birth control?”
“Should it be legal to perform assisted suicide?”
“Should sex workers be legally allowed to perform their work?”
“Should we decriminalize drug possession?”
“Should it be legal to perform death penalty?”

How to Select a Topic for your Argumentative Essay

Sometimes you will be simply given a topic and it may even not be something you believe in. Still, you can quite well create a compelling essay.
But if you have the option to pick, it’s always better to go for something you have strong feelings about. The argumentative essay has two pillars – the strong stance, as well as the evidence. If you are passionate about the topic you are writing on, then you will find it easier to support it and to provide the most important evidence.

Do a Throughout Research

Argumentative essays rely on research. They should not be based merely on your thoughts. You can use sources and arguments from elsewhere, or you can do in-depth research in the field.
Make sure you have valid data from newspapers, scientific journals, and other credible sources. This will not only back your thesis, but it will give it more credibility. If you cannot find a piece of good information on the topic you’ve chosen, consider changing it.

Argumentative Essay Examples

It is always a good thing to try and look for examples of an argumentative essay. That way you can see what works and what doesn’t. By checking other argumentative essays, you will see how the writers undertake this challenge. You will understand better how to state the thesis, how to keep the readers captivated, how to persuade them to accept your stance.

Why Would you Want to Buy an Argumentative Essay?

When you reach this part of the article we have for you, you may be wondering, “Okay, the first part was helpful, but why are we considering buying an essay?”
Well, it is quite simple.
To start with, students all over the world have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. They have to study hard and get good grades to graduate and find a job they will love. To do so, they have to go through dozens of big, big textbooks. But they also need to hand in plenty of assignments. And lots of times those assignments are exactly essays. Now, imagine you are a college student and you have one week to study for five classes, hand in three argumentative essays, and, on top of it all, work, part-time or full-time. Well, can you do all those things in that short period of time? Probably not.
Also, sometimes even the best of us have a hard time coming up with good ideas, nice arguments, and proper support for the theses. Thus, we can be put in front of a hard challenge when we have several essays a week.
In those scenarios, you may be quite tempted to find essays for sale. Sure, when it comes to a high school or a college essay, you can easily find such online. There are numerous sites where you can hire an essay ghostwriter or purchase a pre-written essay. Here you are probably going for a service that allows for custom essay writing. And, sure, whether it will be for a critical essay, for one on a book, for an argumentative essay, or for something else, there are services that can help. And now…


What is an Essay Writing Service and How do Those Work?

Simply put, essay writing services provide a connection to writers who can do, say, argumentative persuasive essays, or virtually any other type of assignment. If we are to stay strictly on the topic of this article, they provide argumentative essay help. But we will describe them a bit more fully.
In general, they employ writers who are experts in their respective fields. Afterward, when they get an order from a student, they look carefully through it and decide which writer will be the best fit for the project. They will allow you to get the best argumentative essay that the writer can create. And they don’t do so lightheadedly – they make sure to run the writers through throughout the selection. This starts with a CV. Here the employers need to ensure they weed out the applicants who don’t have the needed qualifications. And what are they, you may want to know. Well, successful applicants need to have a college or university degree. That way the employers are ensuring that the writers will be capable to deal with the academic work. Also, the writers should be good in, well, writing itself. But not simply any writing – we are talking about the academic one here.
Sure, those aren’t things that merely few people possess. But how many are those that can write a, say, really compelling argumentative research essay? To find out, services subject the applicants to a test job. Only those who complete the test job successfully can become writers for the service.
Now, we understood the part about the writers. What about the customers and the whole experience?
Well, you will have an order form in front of you. There you will need to fill in some relevant details. They include the topic, the academic level, the number of pages/words, sources that you want to be used, etc. You will usually have the option to select from some extra services, as well. Next, you go to the payment part and proceed with it. After your payment is done, now someone will assign a writer to your order. In the best essay writing services, you will have the ability to directly communicate with the writer. This gives you a huge benefit for you for several reasons. First, you will be able to give extra directions if such arise. Second, you can request a draft from the writer to see how they are doing. Third, you can give extra sources if you find such.
Okay, let’s assume your writer is ready. What now? Well, you will get your essay, either downloading it directly or getting it on your e-mail. And if you aren’t satisfied? Then, in most cases, you can ask for a revision. Some sites offer free revisions to their customers. In any case, here you need to talk to the customer service workers and they will help you. And if you are satisfied? Well, usually that puts the end of the process. But we want to point out two more things to do.
First, run a plagiarism scan. Usually, the sites that offer essays for sale will do so themselves. Sure, we get that, but one can never be too careful. To make sure everything is okay, run one yourself.
Also, READ the essay. Yes, yes, yes, that is something so basic, but when you are pressed by the deadline, you can decide “so what?”. Well, the what is that your teacher or professor can have questions or remarks and if you don’t know what they are talking about, you are going to make a fool of yourself. And we are here to make sure this isn’t going to happen. So, we point out once more – READ the essay before you hand it in.

How to Select an Essay Writing Service

As with everything, research is the key. Do research online, check for reviews. Many customer reviews of online essay writing services can give you a good idea of whether the particular one is a good one indeed. Note how many are positive, how many are negative. Don’t be tempted to discard service simply because of one negative review. Why? Well, because there isn’t one simple thing that satisfies all its customers. Some will be dissatisfied for one reason or another. But if you have two negative reviews versus several hundred positive, that service is a reliable one.
Research, research, research. We won’t get tired of repeating it. Or maybe we will, but that won’t happen soon. Why? Because that will allow you to fully understand whether you should trust a particular service, or not. After all, you are putting your own money at something – it should be carefully examined so that you can be sure you won’t get burned. Usually, third-party reviews are another good way to ensure you are putting your money in the hands of a reliable and conscious essay writing service.

The Plagiarism Issue

Well, well, well, plagiarism is, we can all agree, a nasty thing. There are some unconscious writers who deliberately use this practice. But there are also some that unconsciously make so. After all, with the magnitude of the information, we have on the Internet, it is so easy to write something that has been written before. Still, this can lead to huge problems, even endanger your academic career.
To make sure they are providing fully unique essays or other assignments, online writing services that offer essays for sale will run the writing pieces through a plagiarism scan.
Yes, that is good to know. But what is even better to know is that there are some completely free services that you yourself can use to make this scan. So, make sure you check the uniqueness of the assignment and avoid being accused of plagiarism.



Now, argumentative essays are a really good tool in the toolbox of teachers and professors. They allow them to understand not simply our views on a particular subject, but how we present arguments, how we persuade others to join our view, and how can we defend a thesis. Those are all really important things not only in the field of academics but also in the world as a whole.
We tried to give you tips on argumentative essay structure, helpful insights on how to write a good argumentative essay, and some information on the thesis and arguments. Writing an argumentative essay is hard, but it is important for school and college.
Still, when we are students, we will have a huge amount of studying and other work to do. After all, we have plenty of subjects and all of them require our attention. Especially if we are going for higher grades.
Now, that may be necessary, but we cannot do everything on our own, especially considering social life, family matters, and work, sometimes even full-time. So, we find ourselves in front of the need to ask for help. And who can help us? Before we needed to look for relatives, friends, or acquittances who were good in the field of academia. But now we have all the Internet at our fingers. And it gave us online essay writing services. They are a legal, legitimate way to find help to do your assignments.
Essay writing services connect you to writers who are experienced in the field you need to write an assignment in. By having a professional writer help you with the essay, you will ensure that you are going to hand in a good assignment that will give you a nice grade. In those cases, your argumentative essay sample may not be fully yours, but it will at least do its job – to help you pass the semester.