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It may sound controversial, but knowledge is relatively useless in itself. Information isolated in one’s head is not very useful. And in the case it is beneficial, it will still perish along with the person.


Information without a way to explain, propagate and store itself is of limited use. 


Thankfully, humans derive much of our success due to our ability to keep, propagate, and argue knowledge. But what does this have to do with students being able to buy college essays?


Well, Academic institutions will give you info and train you in how to present structured arguments in the form of essays. Merely holding a bramble of facts and data in your head is not sufficient to succeed in Academia. 


Writing essays will order that bramble into a proper structure. It will give you the best chance to be understood and to get your point across. Of course, it will also demonstrate to your teacher that you have been paying attention.


Colleges and the Internet


Pursuing higher education has become accessible and watered-down to a certain degree, as it has become the new high school. Many people jokingly refer to College as being the “13th grade”.


It is a mandatory requirement for many fields, even though most of the craft itself is learned by doing.


Also, living standards have increased globally, meaning that many more people can afford college. 


This trend explains the increased demand to buy college essays online: colleges hand out essay assignments, so more people will need help with their homework. The client base expanded on a global scale. 


Enter the internet, filled with good websites to buy college essays. As a resource, the Internet may be one of the most important developments in human history. In terms of relevance, it rivals the discovery of fire, the wheel, and the internal combustion engine. 


Contrary to popular belief, the phenomenon of students who want to buy college essays online is nothing new. This practice is as ancient as the institution of Academia itself. 


In the past, you could pay other students to help you with your schoolwork. It was possible to purchase entire essays, but there were drawbacks to this service. 


Of course, those who wanted to buy college essays would have to pay a pretty penny. Given that the most interested student’s grades depended on this work, the seller could charge as much as he wanted.  Many buyers would be desperate to pass and agree to pay the price. 


Also, those who would buy essays for college could overwhelm the student selling the essays. Most colleges would have only a handful of students willing to sell papers, so it would be easy for the demand to overwhelm the supply. There just wasn’t enough time for the writer to keep up with the orders. 


The lack of accountability represents the final drawback. Given the clandestine nature of the deal made between two students, there was no guarantee that the final product would help you. 


If you received a bad grade for the paper you bought, you could not complain to the teacher. You would depend on the seller’s honor for a refund, and the quality could be rather inconsistent. 


Thanks to the internet, this practice has been legitimized and optimized. Services such as ours offer to sell papers to people who wish to buy essays online for college.


And unlike the practice of buying from other students, we offer revisions and refunds if you are unhappy with the final product. This policy of refunding and revisioning is implemented more to cover our bases, as it is extremely rare for clients not to like their papers.


You can hold us accountable, and the quality that we provide is more consistent. 



Do I need to be a tech wiz in order to buy college essays?


It may be a mistake to assume that everyone is knowledgeable in regard to technology. Sure, our business caters primarily to students, a demographic formed almost exclusively out of young people. However, other demographics contract our service. 


Businesspeople, other writers, and even teachers require aid from time to time. 


Thus, we cannot rely on our clients’ youth to guarantee that they will be tech-savvy.  Our entire business is designed with ease in mind. 


Our main page and the website, in general, are made to be as intuitive as possible. The information is dense yet not cluttered, and the layout is easy on the eyes.


Good websites to buy college essays do not treat their site as an afterthought. We understand that it is our primary portal to the world, representing our entire collective effort.


If you are not tech-savvy and are worried about buying essays online for college, rest assured that we have you covered.


As long as you can read basic instructions, you will have no trouble adapting. 


Our Staff


The writers


We have made an uncompromising strive towards quality. Thus, the selection process used for our writers is very stringent. Every staff member is thoroughly vetted to ensure a quality user experience. 


We only hire those with a proven track record of success, veteran writers both freelance and otherwise.


Each writer is sure to brush up on his/her communication skills, as it can be very easy to write an essay that doesn’t match the client’s expectations. 


Our platform is the best site to buy college essays because we pay attention to your instructions. No matter the level of expertise of our writers, ultimately, nobody knows your teacher better than you.


Teachers are still people, and they can have specific issues and pet peeves that need to be mentioned.  For example, a history teacher might emphasize economics or migration as historical driving forces, while others just care about the description of main events. 


We can’t know these things, so you have to specify them. Regardless if you want to buy 700 word essays online for college, or you want us to prepare a business presentation, the customer and writer should communicate well and often. Understanding thrives in an abundance of details. 


Our customer support representatives


Entire comedy skits and sitcom episodes were written based on the topic of poor customer support. Few things are as frustrating as having to deal with a disinterested customer support representative while you are trying to resolve an important issue. It is only comical when it isn’t happening to you.


We understand that you are not contacting support because everything is going well, and our representatives are trained to handle any situation. This system of support is not just an afterthought that we added out of obligation or industry standards. 


The same stringent criteria that we use for writer vetting are also applied to support reps. If hired, they will be available round the clock, eager to resolve any problem. You can get in touch with them via email and Live Chat feature. The wait times are dependant on how many queries are being answered while you are reaching out to us. 


For more complex and urgent problems, we have also included a toll-free phone line. 



Privacy, legality, and security 




The world’s economy was revolutionized many times due to the implementation of a new resource. Be it spices, steam power, oil, and even the Internet, these factors will inevitably change the way we do business. 


The Internet’s data-driven economy deals in collecting information above all else. Multi-billion dollar services such as Google and Facebook are just handed out for free, and this appears to make no sense. 


A good rule of thumb is to consider that if the product of monetization isn’t immediately apparent, you are the product that’s being sold. Your data is harvested and used for advertising purposes. 


Even services that charge customers money still gather their client’s data and sell it to third parties. The Internet economy is a double-edged sword, and most customers have a strong distaste towards invasions of their privacy.


That being said, we understand that you just want to buy fresh college essays online and do not want to worry about privacy issues. As a disclaimer, our site does use browser cookies, and registering an account is a requirement.


However, we do not pass on your data to third-party advertisers. Every bit of information recorded is used to make your customer experience better. For example, by registering an account, the customer benefits from a range of features.


The account will keep tabs on your orders and how many pages you have purchased overall. This tally makes you eligible for loyalty rewards and discounts. Also, you can track the progress of the essay as the writer works on it. 




The question of legality is a significant one. There are many shady websites on the internet.


No online business niche is free from the presence of illegal and scammer pages. Having concerns regarding these issues is legitimate. 


However, rest assured that our platform operates under the confines of the law. Also, the practice of selling essays is entirely legal in all US states, the UK, and Canada. It doesn’t hurt to check your local laws, but we are not aware of any region that has made our practice illegal. 


Further proof of legitimacy is the willingness of major payment processors to do business with us. 




We have established that our practice does not intend to sell your data to third-parties intentionally. Still, a shoddy security infrastructure can leak data regardless of the business’s intentions. 


Thankfully, our servers are highly secure and can withstand any hacking attempt. We have never experienced a data leak, and each customer’s information is safe and secure. 


In conclusion, those who wish to buy custom college essays without having to worry about Privacy, Legality, and Security, can rest easy knowing that our service protects their privacy and is entirely legal and secure. 


Main Features


If you type the words “ where to buy college essays? “ or “ college essays that I can buy” into the Google search engine, you will be met with dozens of options, each good consistent quality, and low prices. Given this sizable amount of competition, why should you choose us and not one of our competitors? 


Here is just a brief list of our main features:


  1. Tailor-made, customized experience


Automatization represents the pinnacle of efficiency. As a service provider, your goal is to get into a groove, a rhythm that is easy to repeat every day, year by year. However, there is a drawback: automatized and mass-produced products and services tend to lack a personal touch. 


Meanwhile, hand-crafted and artisanal works are held in very high regard.


As writers, it would be very easy to systematize our approach, create templates, and churn out content. While that content would be valid and get you a passing grade, it will be soulless and mediocre. 


Talking to clients, taking many notes, and consulting with the said client along the way will cost us a lot of time. If efficiency were our top priority, we would reduce communication and provide users with more boilerplate articles. 


So, can you buy college essays that are more generic and mediocre? Yes, you can. 


However, for those who wish to purchase papers that are labors of love, do not hesitate to call us.  Each line is tailor-made for you and your needs.


  1. Plagiarism-free content


It is more straightforward to plagiarise the work of others instead of struggling to compose your own. Many professional writers succumb to this temptation, resulting in an essay that lacks originality.


Thanks to the internet, “mistakes” like plagiarism rarely go unpunished. Teachers have access to special software that scans your assignment and alerts them if it is plagiarised. 


If you are unfamiliar with Academia, it is essential to note that plagiarism is considered one of the most detestable actions in the intellectual sphere. It is to be avoided at all costs. 


Our content is guaranteed to be original. Regardless if you buy mini college essays or massive works that span 40 pages, every line and paragraph will be authentic. 


We take pride in providing original quality content and promise to maintain that standard with every order.


  1. Swift delivery 


Procrastination is as human as breathing. We all do it to a certain extent, and there are times when it can be therapeutic. 


Modernity is very good at fulfilling material needs, yet it does tend to be more stressful and hectic.  Stress and lifestyle-based diseases are on the rise due to an overworked and underexercised population.


This situation creates the demand for our product. Most of our clients are capable of writing their own essays. Given a more relaxed schedule, they would have no issue completing their work. 


Even other writers contact us when they are overwhelmed by what’s on their plate. Surely, people who make a living out of writing can’t be blamed for not knowing how to write.


Most essays don’t even tackle complicated subjects.


Professionals and students of all stripes sometimes just need a break.


Maybe they took a weekend off and decided to go on a trip and relax. Perhaps a precarious financial situation causes some people to work extra jobs that drain them of energy and time.


Regardless of the reason, you may find yourself in need of a service that saves time and does your busy-work for you. Most college essays to buy are seen as a time-saving investment and not an intellectual aid. 


Of course, some people want us to tackle complicated and elaborate subjects, but they are in the minority. When you are overworked, tired, or stressed, even gaining a free weekend can unload some of that burden and reset your energy levels. 


This need is satisfied by one of our main features: swift delivery. We pledge to handle even the tightest deadlines. 


Of course, tighter deadlines will increase the overall price per page, given the added urgency. Clients can order papers that are due in two weeks or three hours. 


If the proverbial dog eats someone’s homework, we have them covered. Our writers will not sacrifice the essay’s quality, despite delivering it in just a few hours. 


They are veteran professionals that have been writing for years and are used to impossible deadlines. 



Other pricing criteria


No business is obligated to disclose its pricing scheme and how it justifies the rates it charges. Yet, we do it anyway. 


We are the best site to buy college essays because we uphold a complete transparency policy with our clients. Our prices are not randomized and unjustifiable. 


As we’ve discussed in the previous section, the issue of urgency can increase the price required per page. As a general rule of thumb: if a factor makes the writing process more arduous, it will result in the essay costing more.  Here are other criteria:


Difficulty level


Thankfully,  Academia is already structured into a progressive difficulty system. It is intuitive to assume that writing high school homework will be easier than writing a Ph.D.- level dissertation.


Based on academic progression and the difficulty inherent in each tier, we offer papers with the following price tiers:


  1. High School – Spanning from the 9th to the 12th grade.
  2. College- For college-level assignments
  3. University- Bachelors and Masters degrees
  4. Ph.D.- for students pursuing Ph.D. degrees.


Essay size


An order’s value will increase in direct proportion to its size. Works with more pages will require more time from our writer and divert them from other projects. It is reasonable to assume that the price will increase based on the number of pages ordered. 


Paper types and writing style


It is common for businesses in our market niche to advertise themselves as services that offer essays for sale. Although accurate, that view does not paint a complete picture. 


There are many other types of papers and many different writing styles. Just like in any other profession, writing has sub-categories and specializations. We have gathered writers from each relevant academic field and writing style, covering all bases. 


Here are just a few of the types of papers that we offer:


  • Lab report
  • Literate reviews
  • Movie reviews
  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Presentations
  • FAQ sections
  • Reports
  • Speeches
  • Research papers
  • Research Proposals 
  • Thesis
  • Term Papers
  • Research proposals 
  • Homework of any kind
  • Chemistry papers
  • Biology assignments 
  • Geography assignments
  • Math work
  • Dissertations


And dozens of other types of written works. 




To have even a moderate amount of business success, you must understand two basic things: who you are and what your client wants. 


We understand why students buy college essays because many of us were recently in that situation. All of our staff respects the client’s ability to write his/her own papers and are thankful for the opportunity to write it instead. 


We understand that our job is to provide convenience and quality for overworked professionals and give people a chance to relax. Clients are trusting us with CVs, their college grades, and their dissertations. 


We will repay that trust with a service that offers quality and swift delivery for a price you can afford while living on a student’s budget.