How to Choose a Professional Essay Writer

If someone tells you finding guides about hiring an essay writer is a piece of cake, he will not probably be lying. Today, there are plenty of options and available information about how you should find a good writer. But do you wonder what is the difference between those guides and this one of ours? Well, we are not going to give you something that you can find at any website you visit. The uniqueness and originality are amongst the highest appreciated qualities that a writing job offers. That is the reason why our guide will be special, and the one which will differ from the others. So, let’s find out together what are the tips that others cannot offer about how you should choose and hire a good essay writer online.

Why Should I Hire An Essay Writer?

Typical questions about essay writing, especially among the student community, are the reason why they should hire a writer. In the first place, they want to know why they should do it. And it makes sense as they wouldn’t want to do something blindly, of course. There can be many different reasons why you can get the will to hire such an expert. Perhaps you are a student in a hurry or need and simply you need a good, persuasive essay for your college or high school. On the other hand, you just want a piece of good paperwork to impress someone. Anyways, let’s comb through the reasons why people are choosing to hire an essay writer. 

You Don’t Have The Appropriate Skills

One of the most popular ways that makes people decide to hire an essay writer much easier is the lack of skills. Dozens of students are often in need of a good essay. They need it for the college services to get the permission of participating in exams, for example. Some colleges require an essay to be submitted by the students to evaluate their abilities and personality. However, the main cause of their constant requisite to hire professional essay writers lies in their insecurity. Simply put, they don’t believe in their writing capabilities. Instead, they are concluding that they have no other than to buy it online. The truth is that you should at least try before you decide on this one. It is often the case that someone doesn’t even recognize the potential he possesses. Individuals like this are having issues with their confidence in most cases. All you have to do is give it a try. You can’t be sure that you are not able to write a good piece of the essay unless you put some effort into it. Maybe there is a talented essay writer inside of you that waits to be discovered. In the end, if it doesn’t work, then you can turn to the use of professionals.

You Lack Of Time

Unfortunately, some students or people, in general, don’t have enough time to dedicate sufficient time to writing an essay. It can be the consequence of their work time or some other obligation. To be fair, some students give up on writing an essay from the first thought about it. They commit their time to something else they think is more important than putting the words on the paper. Because of that, hiring an online essay writer becomes their only choice. If so, make sure that the writer you are going to buy the essay from doesn’t have such problems. You need a committed writer who can implement all his knowledge and skills in the content. That’s why it is better to check his availability before you order an essay.


I Can Afford It So Why Should I Bother?

Students who possess the luxury of having everything they can imagine are usually the ones with this kind of attitude. Simply they feel like they are beyond someone in the hierarchy just because their parents can provide the insurance to them. People like this value their time too much and don’t want to bother themselves with writing essays. Instead, they will hire someone to do the job for them just because they can afford it. Sometimes it can be classified as arrogance or ego, but don’t judge people just on their surfaces. Rich or financially stable people don’t necessarily have those characteristics. They are well organized and maybe their priority is learning. In those cases, they have not enough time to write an essay because they like to be fully committed to the learning process. 

Where Can I Find A Good Essay Writer?

Before deciding who is the best essay writer, you have to know which places to look for them, right? As the development of technological features doesn’t seem to stop any soon, online platforms that hire writers are more and more reliable options. As the improvement of technology got noticed by online employers, they faster-better hasten to offer jobs to the writers. This way, an essay ghostwriter gets plenty of benefits. First, they are getting the luxury of having a flexible work hour. Secondly, they are able to work from almost anywhere at any time. And third, they have more than enough time to provide an excellent piece of content to the customers. Having that in mind, we can say that being a professional essay writer is not bad at all, don’t we? Anyways, let’s see what are the places where you can find the best possible writers online and hire them if needed.

  • Upwork – This is one of the most used platforms for writers at the moment. It has approximately over 1 billion jobs done each year. It has become a truly reliable source where you can hire writers of huge backgrounds.
  • Fiverr – Although users of this platforms’ features are mostly associated with some other niches like graphic design or video editing, more and more writers are choosing it as their preference. In recent years, it became a platform where you can find great writers.
  • Freelancer – A huge cage of hungry writers eager to get their essays sold can be found on this platform. At the moment, here you can encounter over 23 million users that are registered and ready to work. It is worth giving it a try for sure.
  • BloggingPro – It is a platform where most bloggers found their haven. But also a lot of writers can be explored here. They can offer you from one-time projects to part-time and full-time ones too. This is typical for almost any freelancing platform but some of them can produce a little more informative essays than others. It all depends on what exactly you are looking for.
  • PeoplePerHour – This is a freelancing website of proven quality and credibility. Some experts claim that it is a service of the biggest internship in the entire United Kingdom with almost 14 years of existence. 
  • WriterAccess – This is a platform related exclusively to writing services. Maybe that is convincing enough to try and search for essay writer help. It is one of the marketplaces with the quickest growth with over 15 thousand writers only on disposal.

We have to emphasize that we have mentioned only some of the best platforms for hiring a professional writing service at the moment. It doesn’t mean that there are no more of them that are equally recognized and respected in the writing community.


What Types Of Essay Writers Do Exist?

Essays for sale commonly require the knowledge of which types of writers are available to find online. There are numerous writers specialized in different niches that can be hired, from technical writers, copywriters, ghostwriters, and so on. But we will be focusing only on essay writers and what kinds of them actually exist. There are 5 different kinds of essay writings you can encounter with. Many essay writer reviews can be found about the types of essays too. Now, let’s figure out what all of them have to offer, one by one.

  1. Expository

If you are struggling to declare who is the best essay writer for you, maybe you should try ones that are related to the expository type of writing. If you don’t know anything about it yet, we are here to change that. So, do you wonder what is the purpose of expository essays and what can you get from them? Well, the answer is closer than you think. Expository essays are the ones that are relying on relevant facts about the topic. This kind of essay is usually written in the third-person perspective. One of the best examples of expository essays you can find is describing a celebrities’ life. A writer picks one popular person and the only job he has to do is depict his life in facts and proven reliable information. The biggest use of such an essay you can locate in SAT testing or as a part of a students’ homework for their college. Besides, the first thing that you have to know about this type of essay writing is that it probably demands the most time to be invested in. Consequently, it is the one with the highest volume required from all the other types. Because of the massive scale of possibilities that expository essays can offer, they can be split into several sub-categories such as interpretation, definition, cause & effect, response, and analysis. Let’s explore them a little and reveal what secrets they may be hiding.

  • Interpretation – This subcategory of an expository essay is the one that every college essay writer wants to perfect. It is represented as a detailed explanation of any classic process. Those essays are often linked with the ones that offer the solutions to the questions that use the word “how” in their description. For example, if you want to find out how an Apple company produces apple products, this kind of essay can give you the right answer.
  • Definition – Definition essays are typically the simplest. But it does not consist just of pure definitions from the dictionaries. Writers must use their own knowledge and explain their understanding of some abstract terms or words like life, death, love, hatred, etc.
  • Cause & Effect – Those essays are related to the link between the words and possible events that have happened in the past or will happen in the future. An essay writer must pay attention to this link and find the appropriate connection between those two. Some of the examples of this type of essay can be discovered in were the causes and effects of the global Cholera pandemic and similar things.
  • Response – Responsive essays are oftentimes related to the writers’ personal point of view about some topic. Although their work is based on facts, they can feel free to give their perspective as an expert. 
  • Analysis – The last subcategory of expository essays is coherent to analyzing and understanding the content provided. All that essay writer service of this type must do is clearly explain all the information he mentioned in the text. It is not rare for it goes in steps and with detailed attention. 
  1. Descriptive

The second category of essays is descriptive ones. These essays are the ones that involve writers’ sensibilities. It is usually related to what his emotions are at a certain moment. It can be represented as making a strong afterimage or fortification of the purpose of the essay. Although those essays can be written in a mixed-up, messy way, sometimes they can be made chronologically. A person who is a persuasive essay writer will pay attention to the use of adverbs and adjectives when he writes a descriptive essay. Also, writers are often using stylistic figures of the language like metaphor, personification, or allegory. Those things are usually used to make the content more visible to the readers. It has the same principles as the use of virtual reality machines. You put the goggles on and immediately flow into the unknown world. That is what descriptive essays strive to achieve. 

  1. Narrative

Narrative essays are probably the most interesting to the students. Do you know why? Because it uses a description of the events that have happened in the past. An essay writer that uses a narrative type of writing can focus on some event from the past that has left an enormous effect on his life. This is kind of the essay where a writer can express his personal life in the best way. It is often the case where people are using them to introduce their difficulties from their lifetime. For example, you can see samples where the writer writes about his first love experiences or some dramatic events that happened to him. All they care about is the plot. One thing that differs these essays from other types is that it doesn’t demand the utilization of the sources from the outside. It makes it much easier to write but you have to possess an original tone to do it in the right way. 

  1. Compare & Contrast

This is a type of essay that refers to the expository category as well. All that a professional essay writer will be paying attention to is the comparison between a divergency and similitude of the provided content. It usually represents the information about specific events or individuals so the readers can make a comparison between those two. Something that characterizes this category of essay writing is the possibility to comprehend multiple topics at once. 

  1. Argumentative/Persuasive

Writing a persuasive essay is often the hardest thing to do in the writing niche. Its purpose is to make the readers believe in the content they are reading. This is a process that is perhaps the most difficult to handle with. Persuasion of the essay has a task to convince the audience in arguments’ credibility. On the other hand, an argumentative one has to bring forth the discussion and guard it with other reliable evidence. Students may ask questions like Which question can most help a writer revise an argumentative essay? Well, it is not so easy to answer it though. Writers are often confident in finding their arguments and the only question that can make them revise them is: “What is the source of those pieces of evidence”. A source from which a writer collected the data is the only thing that can be put in question, at least when it comes to argumentative essays. But then, you can have a question in your mind like What types of evidence does the writer use to support the ideas in the essay? The best evidence that writers are relying on are photos, quotations, and graphs & charts. Those are the arguments that cannot be relinquished and represent information of the highest authentication.


How Should I Hire An Essay Writer?

This is one of the biggest concerns amongst the student communities. They are often willing and not hesitate to hire an expert but frequently they don’t know how to do it. We will make it clear to you and hopefully help you with this. There are some specific steps you should follow in order to hire an essay writer.

  • Check As Many Platforms As Possible – Before making your order, the first thing you must do is to check out all the possible platforms that offer writing services. An essay writer’s website can contain many things just to persuade you to believe in its reliability. That’s why you must test a big number of them so you can select which one suits you.
  • Clarify Your Application – Often students don’t know how to express themselves in the best way. They are not clear in their manifestation of the instructions that should be delivered to the writers. You must clarify your requirements and be distinct as possible. 
  • Research About Writers’ Biography – It will be beneficial for you to dig deep into the writers’ biography before deciding to hire him. It is always good to know the details about his education, knowledge, origin, age, and for how long he is a professional. It can help you decide if he is a good fit or not. 
  • Give Them A Trial Test – Something that is highly recommended before hiring a writer is to provide them a short test that is related to the skills he stated on the profile page. This way, you will be able to evaluate his level of knowledge about the topics, and writing job in general. Trial tests can be also paid by some symbolic price. Some writers demand it while others don’t. Repeat this step with multiple applicants so you can decide which one provided the highest quality work. 

What About Revisions And Prices?

In the end, we will be focusing on the prices and revision phase of the essays. Like any other product, the prices of the essays can vary. They are usually dependable on the level of the writer at first. There are basic, academic, and experts. Each group has different claims and, according to it, dissimilar prices. If you are a student, you will probably look for a cheap essay writer due to your possible limitation of the funds. If so, the basic level of the writers will be sufficient to satisfy your requirements. The prices can vary from $15 to $35 per page. It depends on that if you would like to have some extra features and which level of writer you want. As regards revisions, each writer will allow a certain amount of them. If you want to get an essay writer cheaply, the number of revisions will be limited or low. During a revision phase, a writer should make sure a document-based essay includes substantial examples and arguments of high faithfulness. This is the most important thing that each one of you needs to know. Besides all of the above, maybe you would like to know is there any opportunity to hire a free essay writer. And our reply is positive. There are customer support pages of some particular websites you can make contact with. Just emphasize that you want your essay to be free and quote the reasons for it. Finally, they will probably approve it.



We will be delighted if our suggestions can help you in finding the appropriate writer for you. It is not a simple decision to make and, as you could see from our guide, it requires determination and perseverance. By following these steps above you shouldn’t have any issues in selecting the right candidate for you. So, stay alert and hopefully, the right writer for you will appear sooner than you think!