Persuasive Essay

Writing, as one branch of many areas where people can express their emotions, includes essay writing. Essay writing belongs to one of the most popular ways of the writing profession. Every job requires some qualifications and models that its authors prefer to utilize. There are many different methods that writers are using to attract their content to the readers. When it comes to writing, essays are on top of the list. Although writing, in general, can be expressed through dozens of ways like books, novels, stories, and articles, essays are one of the most used ones. And what is the most important thing about them is their conviction. Having that in mind, let’s figure out what persuasive essay for sale you can find online.

How To Write A Persuasive Essay?

Probably the first worries that people usually get about essay writing are what is a persuasive essay and how to write a persuasive essay. These are questions that belong to the group of ones that people often like to ask about essay writing. And we cannot blame them. Do you know why? Because persuasion of the texts is something that the majority of writers are struggling with. It is often the case when a writer gets stuck with it. As we know, essays find their primary use in the students’ need of possessing them. Almost anyone can write but only a few of them possess sufficient capabilities to provide a convincing sample of their work. If you consider conviction as a big part of your project, you should stick to certain steps. Hence, let’s see the ways on how to write a persuasive essay step by step. 

Prewriting Phase

  • Declare Your Position – This is often the first step you should make to write a persuasive essay. Students must know where their problems lie and think about them every single minute. Someone whose support they must have is only you. That will give them the appropriate wind in the back and possibly make their worries go away. If you declare your position correctly, there is a high chance that they will follow you without any doubts or concerns about the credibility of yours.
  • Do The Great Research – If something makes essays good, it is undoubtedly an exploration that has been included. It represents perhaps a crucial part of every essay. It is not a lie that it represents the hardest piece of a puzzle but surely there is a good reason for it. By putting an effort into your discovery, you will be able to locate the most valuable data concerning the topic. Including the best evidence and reliable information is truly appreciated by the community that will follow your works. That way, people who read your content or students who want to buy it will have no doubts as they will find out everything they want to know. Providing such pleasure will keep them returning which will result in the popularity of the content you are about to provide too. Deep research requires time and sufficient effort that must be invested. But eventually, the results will come.
  • Meet Your Audiences’ Preferences – The next step you should make is associated with the interaction between you and your readers. To become an influential writer, you will need to reach out to them and try to figure out what they are looking for. If you consider writing a persuasive essay, their perspective and requirements need to be clear to you as daily light. Your readers represent a huge piece of many writers’ content and you must prioritize their satisfaction.
  • Choose The Best Evidence – On this step you should declare what are the key parts of your text. Try to realize all the necessary persuasive parts that should be included in your work.


What About The Structure & The Outline?

Do you ask yourself from time to time how to start a persuasive essay? Let us make the appropriate answer. In the first phase, create a persuasive essay outline. After that, building a persuasive essay structure is vital. Therefore, let’s see what does it all includes:

  • An Introduction – Here you are about to show your examination of your claims and the process of seeking a so-called “hook” for the readers. Just clarify the overview of yours and ensure that the claims are reliable enough. Speaking of the “hook”, try to locate all the things that the readers will be easy to draw near your content. Sometimes irrelevant details turn out to be a turning point. 
  • Body Part – Naturally, this is the longest portion of the text in every essay. It consists of everything that must be emphasized. It is often formed of several headings or subtitles. Focusing on providing some evidence linked to the topic is usually a part of every paragraph in the body though. Something that mustn’t slip through your fingers is the facts and the support for them. Have that in mind while writing the body. 
  • Conclusion – In the last part, as its name says, you should make a persuasive conclusion to the facts you brought out to the audience. Make sure to summarize all the valid information you provided and try to encourage the readers to follow your suggestions.

Revision Of The Essay

Writing a persuasive essay requires some revisions that should be related to the provided content. The students that will read the essay should have some revisions at their disposal in order to detect if there are any unexpected issues with the text. This way, you will provide them the possibility to discover if any part of the text bothers them. Nevertheless, there are some details you should check out.

  • Does the essay that is provided to you cover all the unnecessary details and facts you wanted to find out about?
  • Is there a certain “hook” part in the text?
  • Does the author pay attention to the view of the opposite side or was just focused on his own part?
  • What is the structure of the sentences like and does it need any corrections to be made?
  • Did the author provide enough rare words or he probably got over the line with them? And what is the accuracy of those words?
  • Is the text informative enough and how can it help the students?
  • Does the conclusion part stick with the authors’ statements and does it tend to attract people to read it?

Editing Of The Essay

Each text should include the editing part where all the possible errors related to grammar, punctuation, and clarity of it should be detected. Make sure to proofread your content before selling it. If you know someone good at it, you can “borrow their knowledge” so it can help your contents’ efficiency.

The Essay’s Annunciation 

Publishing a persuasive essay is always the last thing to do. It is often a part that writers use to share their content on some website or just with the closest persons to them. The most important thing is that you provide appropriate feedback so the next similar tasks of yours are of better quality.


Persuasive Techniques

Writing an extraordinary essay often demands knowledge of all its secrets and details that are not familiar to every person. Like all the niches, the improvement of a persuasive essay could be managed by utilizing some specific techniques. So, let’s see what techniques people need to use to write a remarkable essay.

  • Establishing The Reliability – The authentication of an author and his connection with his readers is often missing. Over time, developing trust between you and your audience can evolve into something much bigger. It is not a rarity this bond is forged with mutual understanding, so as credibility. To maintain it, you must provide content that is only yours. Originality is not taboo. So, make something no one ever had before. Uniqueness is oftentimes a big factor in achieving success, especially if you intend to work as an essay writer. It is the highest step you can climb to when we talk about the expression of persuasive essay ideas and their utilization. 
  • The Use Of Languages – It is a relevant thing to know what language suits the best to your writing. Awareness of knowing the native language of the audience must be the priority. Always pay attention to such things because they have a great influence on the mutual connection between you and your followers. Several persuasive essay examples that include language could be seen in using hyperbole, active and passive voice, so as a direct appeal to your supporters.
  • Tones’ Correct Use – Every writer has a specific tone of writing. It determines the way its content gets to peoples’ minds. The tones can be humorous, intelligent, or authoritative. It is all dependable on authors’ preferences and style of writing. Just ensure that the tone of yours is used regularly. Here is an exemplar. If you consider providing an intelligent tone, use some words that are typical for a wise population.
  • Repetition & Rhetoric – These are 2 truly common techniques. Speaking of repetition, using some repetitive words that underline the significance of relevant phrases is crucial. So, focus on such words or phrases to point out your level of professionalism. Nonetheless, rhetorical questions are always involved in essays’ writing. It is visible in numerous persuasive essay samples that those questions stand out. Its purpose is to prioritize a theme that will probably be repeated throughout the text.
  • Ethos, Pathos, And Logos – Those are techniques preferably known as “the rhetorical triangle”. The famous Greek philosopher Aristotle was the first one to use it 2 millenniums ago. Ethos is coherent to utilizing ethics and credibility, pathos to feelings and emotions, while logos are linked with getting logical solutions. By reaching the balance of those 3 techniques, you will manage to boost a persuasion of yours vastly. It is fair to mention that ethos, pathos, and logos are frequently utilized for advertising purposes.

What About The Topics Of A Persuasive Essay?

Nowadays, students are feeling the highest responsibility for the popularization of the essays. Owing to the large scale of aspects that a persuasive essay possesses, many topics are available to write about. Students are those who follow all the trends, right? That is why they do not find it hard to pick the appropriate topic. But let’s see a bigger picture of which topics are available online about essays. Did you ever wonder what are good persuasive essay topics? Each topic consists of certain rules or suggestions that people who write them must be aware of. The fewest topics correspond to sports, for an instance. These persuasive essay topics are usually about advice on how to train, which models to follow, guides on how to practice correctly, and so on. Other topics could be discovered in technology, religion, education, social problems, and many others. Usually, people are paying the majority of attention to argumentative topics. For example, questions about smoking cigarettes, pollution, or consumption of alcohol allowed for youngsters, is something that interests the students in high numbers. Such themes will be globally interesting to the audience for centuries as they can provide solutions of huge importance.

What Is A Purpose Of A Persuasive Essay?

People are getting a habit of the statement that everything in life has its purpose. It doesn’t matter if it’s human existence, appreciating religions and traditions, or similar things. Writing essays is not an exception, of course. Questions that some students often like to ask can sound like: “What is the purpose of a persuasive essay”? Well, something that is simply focused is the capability of making the readers assured that the content they will be reading is totally reliable and plausible. The only thing that matters is ensuring the credibility of the facts that their eyes will detect. Unfortunately, it is something that many wouldn’t hesitate to abuse. By providing the content that they call reliable, some individuals can scam a group of people and harm them. Creating content that some communities may consider as valid is the only task those people will dedicate to. An explicit amount of visitors will get awed because of the products’ looking and will buy them without any doubt. That is where all the points lie. But every medal has two sides. This one is obviously the one which is not desirable. This stuff should only set the alert in our minds and make us think multiple times before ordering a product, regardless of its origin.

What About The Formatting?

For each text, a writer will use a certain persuasive essay format in order to sell their product easier. Its reliability is what makes it a good fit for a sale. Naturally, all texts have different formats related to them. Basically, there are no big differences between a common structuring of the text and formatting it. But those differences still exist. We will be focusing on how you should format a persuasive essay.

  • Picking Of The Topic – First thing you must do is choose the topic you are going to commit to. If you struggle with it, google which ones are popular and readable. Just apply your knowledge and writing style to it. 
  • Think About The Arguments – Firstly, you have to look after the materials that you will be displaying. It would be the most secure way if you check all of them several times to let them free of errors. You are about to use those arguments as proof so be responsible and make them right.
  • Craft The Body – Just make your claims clear as possible about each part of the text. There must be no misunderstanding between your content and the audience.
  • Write The Appropriate Conclusion And Proofread The Text – The end of the text is usually used to conclude all the arguments so as proofreading too. Be specific as possible and proofread the text. Content without such mistakes will be sold more than those with it.



Writing the appropriate persuasive essay for sale is not an easy task. The biggest part of such content is about making people believe in the credibility of your content. Being a professional writer brings many responsibilities. Despite plenty of opportunities that writers have by using the internet, making a persuasive essay is harder than it may look like. But they must strive in delivering high-quality content to the students and readers in general. Writing a single persuasive essay can accelerate the opening of Pandora’s box. To do it, just follow the steps above and you won’t regret it!