Custom Essay Writing

We are all witnesses of the worlds’ progress in the field of technology in decades that are behind us. As a consequence of it, many types of writing jobs have become more popular than in the past. Something that attracted much attention is essay writing. Today, essays are used for the benefit of high school and college students mostly. They are represented as a piece of written text that describes an authors’ opinion and his arguments about some specific topic. The need for essay possessions has led to the development of many websites in the area of essay writing. These days, you can see dozens of websites that offer essay writing services for a certain price. A custom essay for sale has become an inevitable part of the students’ life. So, we are about to find out all about them and how you can buy them online. 

Why Should I Buy It?

At some point in our lives, we all have been students. If not the college ones, then at least the high school ones. So, we are all fully aware of what needs, wishes, and goals students usually have and what kind of problems they can encounter. Essays for sale are usually there to lead students to go beyond their capacities and break their own limits. Once each year, at least, they are faced with the task of providing the appropriate essay. They represent just a single aspect of which students get evaluated. The evaluation is related to their skills, knowledge, and understanding of writing and perceived abilities. If a student wants to buy a custom essay online, the first question in his mind is typically why should he or she buy it at all. It is often the case that students buy something online without paying much attention to its quality and usefulness. But that is not the case with the essays. Because they are a big and important part of their studies, essays are highly classified among the students’ communities. An answer to the question “why they should buy it” can be logically concluded. Essays are undoubtedly needed for their development and improving the abilities linked with writing. Besides that, they are not able to get admission if they don’t possess a high-quality essay too. In colleges, students mostly get judged by the value and quality of the essay they provide. By submitting it, they are representing themselves in the brightest light and are trying to convince the judges of their competitiveness. These are just the facts that custom essay services often use to persuade students to buy their products. 

Is There Any Process Of Buying It Or It Is Just Order And Delivery?

Nowadays, youth are more worried about what they are going to eat today and how they will spend their day than about how they can buy an essay. It could be said that they are sometimes too tolerant. They often forget everything about responsibility and obligations they possibly need to sort out. That is the reason why some of them think that there is no actual process of buying the essay. Of course, they are wrong. In order to buy a custom essay, you will need to fulfill some requirements to get your text. Every custom essay writing service has its demands that students must fill correctly. Let’s see what those requirements usually look like.

Paper Details

Almost every custom essay writing company will have to know the details about the essay before it can allow you to order it. Paper Details are often separated into a few categories such as:

  • Type Of Service (Academic Papers, Proofreading, Editing)
  • Type Of Paper (Essay, Article, Report)
  • Subject Area (Art, Business, Communication)
  • Topic (The title Of The Topic) 
  • Paper Details (Brief description of the topic)
  • Additional Materials (including personal files of folders that can improve the quality of the ordered essay so as picking the US or UK writer)
  • Paper Format (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian)
  • Number Of Sources (at some websites this option is not needed)
  • Academic Level (High School, Freshman-1st year, Sophomore-2nd year, Junior-3rd year, Senior-4th year, Master’s, Doctoral)
  • Number Of Pages And Words (their amount and choosing between single or double spaced)
  • Currencies (which type of money will you use to make the payment – EUR, USD, GBP, AUD)
  • Urgency & Deadline Day (from within 6 hours to 14 days)
  • Preferred Writers ID (you can state the ID of some particular writer if you want exactly his services)
  • Discount Code (if you possess it)


Order Preferences

Each custom essay order cannot be imagined without the preferences that most of the students have. It is well-known that people are demanding, especially while on the market and purchasing things. In terms of preferences related to essay writing, you can encounter these options:

  • Level Of The Writer (Free, Premium – +25% of the price, Top 10 – +30% of the price) – Custom essay writers are usually divided into those 3 sections. Free levels usually offer freelancers’ who can meet the deadline of the customers and work as volunteers. Premium packages often offer professional writers with big expertise in many fields. The top 10 packages are related to hiring one of the best 10 writers from a certain website service. Those are the writers with the highest ratings. 
  • Originality Report (getting valid evidence that the essay is not plagiarized; it can cost +$29.99 of the total price)
  • Urgent Writer Assign (your essay gets the highest possible priority; available for an extra $9.99)
  • Draft Of The Paper (possibility to get the draft of your essay; +20% of the total price)
  • Editors’ Proofreading (taking the action of proofreading of the text by professional editors – +$5.00)
  • Single-page Summary (this is used only if you need just 1 page of the essay; only students who need to defend their dissertations purchases this additional option)
  • Customer Service (Free, Advanced – +$5.99, Premium – +$9.99)

Contact Information

To buy a custom essay online, you need to fulfill your personal data. They are used to make an interaction and contact with the website representatives once the essay is ready for delivery. Here, you can find:

  • New/Returning Customer Option (just declare whether you are a new customer or you are coming again to the website)
  • Name
  • Valid Email Address
  • Country Of Your Origin
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Create/Confirm Password (only if you are a new customer)

Pieces Of Information About The Payment

All you will have to do in the end is to link your credit card or choose the type of payment that you consider the most suitable. If you prefer buying online, just link your verified account from the sites like Paypal or similar.

What Is The Purpose Of Custom Essays?

Since ancient times, searching for a purpose in everything we do has evolved in our habits. Regardless of peoples’ preferences, education level, and skills, we are not hesitating to find out if there is any purpose in the product we are buying. There is not much difference even when we go to a supermarket. We just don’t notice it or we avoid it unconsciously. Just ask yourself, will you buy a bottle of coca-cola before your brain actually evaluated its purpose? Probably not. But this is something that we don’t notice and usually goes automatically. The Declaration of our ideas is the final result of this process. Of course, to healthy people, this could be over in a few seconds. But with people, especially younger ones, that have some mental disorders can take much longer to figure out. The exact same process of evaluating the purpose students often apply to essay orders. Every piece of a custom essay paper is a new product to be scanned for its meaning and purpose. Having this in mind, you have probably started wondering what is the purpose of custom essays. And here you will find an answer. The purpose of the essay can be separated into two parts:

  1. Presenting Relevant Arguments
  2. Persuading The Students To Buy It

Presentation of the arguments is a much more complicated thing to do than persuade someone to buy your services. Every custom essay writer will surely tell you this. It is not just blindly piling up the facts in one place. The writer needs to make sure that all the arguments he provided have the appropriate background and reliable credibility. This way, the customers, which are often students, will be ensured that the content they possess is qualitative and indisputable. However, the persuasion part is far easier. Truth be told, even this act can be complicated too. It doesn’t necessarily mean that someone who will read valid content will believe in the writers’ trustworthiness. Characters and personalities are different. Some people are not easy to possibly deceive. They are among those groups of people that want to know every detail of their order and will check it multiple times to make sure of its correctness. And students should be belonging to these groups too. Unfortunately, it is not often the case and that is why many of them get lightly scammed. 


Persuasion Of The Essay

As we stated in the previous part, persuasion represents one of the most important factors of an essays’ purpose. If you want someone to pay for an essay, you need good skills related to maneuvering and manipulating peoples’ reactions. It is not a rarity that writers with built manipulative abilities are more successful in essay writing than the ones without it. That is perhaps an aftermath of their communication capabilities too. If you lack such skills, there is almost no chance that you will be able to sustain yourself as an essay writer. But what is that trifle that differs common writers from the most successful ones? Some experts claim it is all in their heads. Writers who have no issues in persuading students to buy their essays are often well informed and instructed in psychological aspects of peoples’ behavior. By this time, they can become true experts in detecting what people think and what they can expect. Especially if they can be focused on some particular group, like the writers who have their audience. As time goes by, they are becoming more aware of their expectations and know which spot they should aim to. That is one of the advantages of being able to provide a persuasive essay. Developing the appropriate skills is just a part of it. However, it is fair to say that it is not for everyone. There were some cases in the past where a custom essay service successfully managed to cope with manipulators that were pretending as professional essay writers. But it is a much more complicated task to cope with. So, students must be aware of it and don’t fall on the first ball. If some essay seems to be persuasive, it doesn’t mean that it is made by a true professional. Have in mind this before you make your order.

Search For Affordable Writing Services

Something that a custom essay online needs to possess to be sold in high numbers is affordability. Due to massive competition among the writing services on which one has the best offers, the ones who reach the most affordable prices might be winning. As with everything in life, we are assured that there is some sort of rivalry among the writing services that is hidden deep from the sight of the customers. They are all professionals who will strive not to show such characteristics. But they probably exist. To find the best custom essay writing service, students will be looking for the cheapest ones first. Prices are the most interesting to them due to their possible lack of funds. That is why they often neglect the quality for the sake of affordability. A cheap custom essay for sale is the winning ticket to the students’ hearts. And many writing services are well aware of it. That’s why they will try to persuade them to hire their writers and buy the essays from them by submitting tempting offers that are hard to refuse. Writing services like these have developed an awareness of the life of the students and what their goals are. They exactly know where to aim and that is the key to their success. 

The Convenience Of The Students & Providing Feedbacks

To buy the best custom essay, a student will be eager to find the convenience provided by the writing services. Every student wants to have as many benefits as possible while making an order of the custom essay. That is why only a few writing services will dare to deliver non-reliable information through their essays. They are fully aware of the risk that such a thing can bring. Instead, they will seek the most credible data possible so you can see a full picture of the quality of their writers and the entire website. If a student truly has a desire to buy college essays, he will try to get some guarantees from the writing service. They are used to make sure that everything is on the right track and that nothing will end up falsely or being misunderstood. Such guarantees can include:

  • Money-back Guarantee – Some students can require this guarantee to avoid possibly being deceived. And it is a clever move for every student. A Money-back guarantee is probably the most used one though. It guarantees the customer that he will not lose the money he has invested in their product in the case that it is not of sufficient quality. This is something that provides peace and serenity to the customer too which is highly appreciated.
  • All The Personal Data Is Safe – Safeness of the personal data brings the biggest concerns to the students. All writing services that offer them to buy a custom college essay often require some personal information to be provided. A guarantee that includes the complete safety of such information is very respected and recommendable. It will assure the student that his information of high importance will stay untouchable. 
  • No Plagiarism – Another guarantee that can have a big impact on the students is related to plagiarism. All serious and professional writing services will give them the guarantee that the content of their writers is plagiarism-free. It means that all the information and sources they used in creating the essay are coming from their own knowledge, education, and skill. 



Convincing students to buy essay customs is a delicate mission. Despite that part, buying essays online can be beneficial for the students and their growth. By purchasing them, students are getting closer to the essays of the highest quality that were written by true experts of that field. It can turn out to be a huge starting point for the students in the future who values essay writing more than others. You need to have in mind that buying essays online is a completely legitimate business as any other. Some people may have prejudices about it but we are here to clarify it for them!