Scholarship essay for sale

Modern people have it easy, but only in a limited way. Everyday life indeed implies much less physical backbreaking labor, but that is not the only metric. As almost anyone can tell you, a dull and stressful environment will quickly sap both your morale and your energy.

Both students and trained professionals are under a lot of stress, with a market that demands proactivity and experience. In addition, while most education systems are free or at least affordable, the US system is profoundly broken.

Scholarship essays for sale try to help students by giving them a chance to obtain a scholarship. This lessens their financial burden and helps to relieve a massive amount of stress. However, before we get into the details of a scholarship essay, we must first understand what these papers are and why they are needed.

A system set against you; why you need a scholarship essay for sale

Similar to any other service in the world, education costs money. Teachers have to be paid, didactic material must be purchased, and research must be conducted. Also, certain Universities can afford to charge higher tuition due to their reputation.

All of these factors contribute to the calculation that goes into setting the price for going to college.
Almost everywhere in the world, this price is affordable for most people, even those in the middle class. Countries with less wealth than some American cities can afford to educate their citizens.
In most nations, your first college experience is either dirt-cheap or free.

Yet, in the wealthiest country that has ever existed, a strange form of debt bondage exists. Proving that damage can be done even with the best of intentions in mind, the US government offers students a loan to pay for their education.

However, the Universities caught on to this fact and realized that their prices no longer have to be affordable. Students will pay even the most outrageous sums, given that the loan covers the amount. The loan cannot be erased by declaring bankruptcy and will follow students well within their retirement years.

Year after year, the prices kept increasing until the point that education can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. This system is nothing new, as almost every society in history had some form of debt bondage.


So, why not just skip college?

There are three answers to that question: technology, globalization, and social stigma.

  • Technology: Modern people face a unique problem in the history of civilization: no busywork. Regardless of the society in question, there is an endless stream of tasks that need doing—from sweeping, assembly, operating conveyor belts, harvesting, plowing, etc. Thousands of jobs and sectors involve repetitive and simple tasks.
    And those are precisely the types of jobs that technology is good at replacing. A single industrial combine can do the job of hundreds of farmhands in a tenth of the time.
    Automatic assembly machines have replaced factory workers, and the situation is similar in almost all fields that involve manual labor.
  • Globalization: The modern economies revolve around corporations that are rapidly expanding and globalizing. There are advantages and drawbacks to this predicament. By far, the most destructive effect is that low-skill jobs are outsourced to developing countries where labor is cheap. Low-skill laborers in the corporation’s country of origin cannot expect to live a decent life anymore, given globalization’s effects.
  • Stigma: The word “uneducated” has almost become a slur. Even though High-School graduates have just received more than a decade of education, there is a stigma attached to not going to college.

So, why can’t you skip college? Why should you buy a scholarship essay for sale?
Because our society is extremely top-heavy, with the best paying jobs ofter requiring abstract office work.
Of course, there are exceptions. College dropouts can change the world or become billionaires. But for the average Joe, the best path through life is to obtain a college education.

What are scholarships and scholarship essays?

Scholarships are your best chance to attend a pricy college without having to borrow vast amounts of money. A scholarship is a form of financial aid for students who excel in academic performance. Financial aid is sometimes offered to those who come from extremely adverse conditions.

Everyone wants a scholarship, regardless of their background. Even students who can afford to pay the tuition upfront will want the scholarship because it offers them bragging rights. Saving money doesn’t hurt either.

Regardless of your circumstance, you will have a lot of competition when applying for a scholarship.
Every year sees about $46 billion in scholarship or grant money distributed amongst students. This occurs on a national level in all universities and colleges.
Also, we have churches, NGOs, professional groups, unions, nonprofits, corporations, and private actors who offer scholarships and aid. They add another $3.3 billion to the pile.

So, how can you stand out in a sea of people and aspiring students? How can you get the scholarship committee to pick you and no one else?

Well, they will not come to you. Students who want a scholarship must fill a scholarship application. Yet, these applications are standard and will not impress the committee.
Your best chance to stand out is to write an eye-catching and memorable scholarship essay.

The process for applying for a scholarship is very similar to that of applying for college. In fact, a scholarship essay is similar to a college essay.

The stakes are very high. You will only get a single chance to impress some of the most educated people on the planet. They have seen thousands of students over the years and tens of thousands of applications.

When you apply, you will be given some type of guidelines. Universities will prefer a specific prompt, or they will ask for a set word count. No matter the guidelines, you must follow them strictly, without deviation.
It is imperative that the essay writer who provides your scholarship custom essay for sale also follows every point.

Depending on your college of choice, you may face a few dozen competitors at best or every student in the nation at worst. The committee will compare and contrast essays and aware of the scholarship to a select few.
Everything is riding on you writing an excellent persuasive essay.
It is much more important than a plain midterm paper.


Grant and scholarship?

The terms “grant” or “scholarship” are often used interchangeably. However, they do not represent the same thing. They are both forms of financial aid that do not require the student to pay back the amount. Still, the similarities stop there.

Grants are usually sourced from the government and the public purse. They are regularly given to aspiring students that face adverse circumstances. This need-based aid is not exclusive to the government. Private funds also target specific demographics in need. Usually, the requirements are less stringent and specific.
Grant applications need to relay your adverse situation, not demonstrate competence. However, the best-written essays usually do both things at the same time.

Scholarships are exclusively based on the merit of the applicants. The bare minimum requirements involve those who manage to sustain a high GPA. Scouters and committees also target outstanding athletic achievement.
Scholarships can receive funding from donors, colleges, private companies, local and federal programs.

To explain the situation as bluntly as possible: You need to present a compelling sob story that showcases adversity. Or, you need a very well-written scholarship essay topic that demonstrates your competence and intelligence.
Either way, you cannot afford to send a lackluster or mediocre essay.

Should I write it myself?

The answer to this question depends on your abilities. Intelligence is a very fluid thing. Competence in one field doesn’t guarantee proficiency in another. You can be a brilliant biologist or chemist that is missing a knack for the written word. In fact, it is very rare to find good writers amongst STEM students.

As mentioned, you must find a way to stand out amongst so many students. Thanks to the internet, you now have an option to do so.

Selling essays is a practice as old as the academic system itself. Usually, this was an underground operation where an especially astute student would offer to write his colleagues homework and assignments.
As the laws of economics dictate: where there is a demand, there will be a supply.

But there were issues with this practice. As it is with any underground approach, there is no regulation or oversight. If the student writing your application or essay provided a sub-standard product, you could not complain to anyone.
Also, you would have to rely on his/her common sense for a refund of any kind.

The online world has come up with a solution. There are a plethora of educational aids available online, including tutors, editors, and writers. Each of these professionals offers to contract their services for a fee. The best among these freelance writers promise to help you win the essay contest scholarship.

Scholarship essay tips are freely available in articles, and you can even learn from the professionals as they work. There is a saying that goes, “ skills aren’t learned; they are stolen.” You can easily apply this to how to write a scholarship essay.
If you are on a budget and cannot afford to buy a personalized essay for every scholarship, there is another path available.

Students can purchase well-written scholarship essay examples. Then, they can read it over and over and notice how it is phrased and constructed. Basically, it is possible to reverse-engineer the technique used by the skilled freelance writer.
At this point, the student will know enough to write his own piece, given even a modest amount of writing talent.

You have to be honest with yourself, given the importance of the occasion. A scholarship or lack thereof will have consequences that will span your entire life. This essay can make the difference between being in debt for decades or purchasing a home by the time you are 30 years old.

Even if it would cost 10$ per word for many people, they would still think it is worth the price.

The “for sale scholarship essay” market

As mentioned, the deck is often stacked against you. You will have to face the student debt system, Academia, and the sheer amount of other people wanting the same thing as you.
On your side is only the good ol’ internet.

There has been an explosion in interest targeting the online paper writing industry. More and more people are choosing to purchase online essays. Of course, most of the orders involve homework, mid-term, or finals assignments.
An essay for scholarship for sale is much more critical, given that so much depends on that scholarship.

It should be mentioned that very few online sites will handle only a single type of paper.

Variety of service

Depending on how you count, there are dozens if not hundreds of online paper writing websites. There are old brands with established customer bases and new companies that are full of promise.

If a particular essay writing website isn’t for you, feel free to move on. In this case, there is plenty of fish in the sea.

There aren’t any sites that handle scholarship essays for sale exclusively in terms of the service itself. These pages make most of their profits off homework and more mundane tasks.
Although it may seem counter-intuitive, professional freelance writers enjoy hiring paper sites. Nobody would suspect a pro for not knowing how to write a scholarship essay or any other type of paper. However, cutting it close with deadlines is very common.

Some freelancers speed write their tasks in order to meet the deadline and then contract a paper writing company to edit, plagiarize, and spellcheck their work. In essence, they are used as editors for hire.

You can rely on essay writing companies to provide any academic paper. This includes dissertations, reviews, cover letters, CV-s, essays, and dozens of other variations. As long as it involves writing, they have you covered!

Depending on the company in question, it is possible to ask for a scholarship essay sample taken from their previous work. If you are unhappy with the style or the way it is written, you can easily search for another company or request another writer.


Writer quality

Here is where these types of services struggle. The business model of a paper site is to recruit freelance writers. A freelancer can have many given backgrounds. Some are former or active academic staff, while others are amateurs with an internet connection. Needless to say, the quality of the resulting work can vary wildly.

This hiring policy also explains the various reviews.
If you take the time to research a site that provides essay scholarship papers for college students, the reception is lukewarm. Some reviews praise the work and promise to work with them again, while others bash the service as substandard.

Online businesses try their best to vet their writers. They have written tests, and some even demand proof of academic credentials. Yet, some unprofessional people are bound to get through. The proportion of these “bad writers” varies depending on the business, yet they are not tolerated for long.

Unlike situations where you buy a paper from another student, there is recourse and oversight. For example, most paper sites allow for some version of refund. Some give back 100% of the money spent, while others offer site credits to be redeemed at any time.

In addition, clients can ask for revisions. If the scholarship essay for sale is delivered but is sub-standard, the student who ordered it can request a do-over. This option can imply partial changes or an entire rewrite.
Some companies offer the option to choose another writer, while others only have a rewrite policy.

Customer support

Automation has severely damaged sectors that involve manual labor. It can be even easier to automate certain digital and remote services, given that there is no physical hardware involved. The area of customer support has seen a very aggressive attempt to automate its services. It used to be the case that clients would get to communicate with a real person. That representative explained and guided them through any issue.

Nowadays, there is a general trend to have pre-recorded messages. For clients, this is very impersonal and frustrating. Many people have to set aside at least an hour to listen and slog through endless menus, only to get a chance to be patched through.

This is not an issue exclusive to paper sites.
In fact, paper writing companies do better than most billion-dollar multinational corporations. There are very few complaints regarding customer service found online. Despite a fairly limited budget, most paper sites can afford to maintain a 24/7 direct phone line.
In addition, they have the traditional email and live chat contact forms, should you prefer those mediums.

Your contribution

Some clients prefer a completely hands-off approach. They just want to pay for the scholarship essay paper and never have to worry about it again. This method is acceptable but not optimal.

In essence, no freelance writer will know your situation more than you. After selecting the details of your order, you will be given a chance to communicate with your assigned writer.
Personal details about your life and scholastic achievements must be provided, along with funny, heartwarming, or interesting anecdotes.

Is it legal or fair to spend money on a scholarship essay topic?

In terms of legality, this service is 100% legal and operates within the law’s boundaries. There is nothing illegal about a writer wanting to sell his work. Also, it is not illegal to purchase that work. If you doubt the legitimacy of sites that promise to write scholarship essays for sale, check their payment methods.
Legitimate and mainstream payment processors work with these platforms. This collaboration would not happen if any illegal activities took place.

In terms of morality, there is a gray area. It all depends on the customer’s reason for contracting such a service. Are you doing this because you don’t want to bother with the work? Or, do you want to increase your chances of getting a good scholarship?

An honest self-assessment is required. Are you a good writer, or do you need help? There are online guides on how to format scholarship essays online. You can download a template and simply fill in the blanks.

Yet, the formatting isn’t the issue. Most likely, the person reading your essay isn’t doing it for the first time. He/she will have an eye for bland, phoned-in replies and content. The service will add a touch of inspiration and flourish, but you will do most of the work.
After all, the achievements mentioned are yours. The life described is also yours. You are only paying for someone to make it sound pretty.


Essay sites offer a variety of services, and each brings its price. It is reasonable to consider that five banal history homework pages will cost less than a life-changing scholarship essay for high school students.

Overall, the price is charged per page, not per word. The cost of a page is calculated based on several factors. These criteria include:

The urgency of delivery – A tighter deadline will demand more from the writer. Working within a short timeframe is both demanding and stressful. Of course, this will increase the cost.

The difficulty – Certain types of essay topics are easy to write, while others are difficult even for scholars. In addition, the difficulty level increases in direct proportion to the academic level. While fresh high-school graduates regularly write scholarship essays, it is possible to order PhD-level work.

The length – the cost of the work will increase along with the size of the task. The reasoning is sound. A scholarship essay for sale isn’t incredibly long, so you don’t have to worry about that.



In our consumerist culture, we spend a lot of money on trivial things. Given this tendency, we should not hesitate to invest in something that matters and could change our lives.
Until the system changes, a college education is valued above other, more practical qualities. Most of the upper class is college-educated, and social mobility depends heavily on this factor.

You will be faced with an overwhelming amount of competition when applying to a prestigious university. Given this fact, you must fight to stand out, to make yourself seen.

If you are a talented writer, search for how to format a scholarship essay and write your own paper. However, if you don’t have a propensity for the written word, it is best not to take any chances.

Even if you spend a few hundred dollars on your essay, you are eligible to save tens of thousands more.
Overall, purchasing a scholarship essay for sale is both a gamble and an investment in your future.