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What is Philosophy?

Man is not that unique. Most of our abilities are found in other creatures, including intellect and problem-solving capabilities. Yet, one of the things that are genuinely unique to humanity is our tendency for philosophizing. Both Western and Eastern traditions have tried to ask existential questions about our purpose and origin.

The term stems from ancient Greek and combines the word for love or affinity (Philo) and Sophy (wisdom).

A philosophy essay for sale online must be well-written and respectful towards the questions that are being asked.
There is a tendency in Academia to disrespect philosophy and see it as the vestigial discipline that birthed actual science. While it is true that science sprung from philosophy, it answers different questions.

Hard STEM science is very specialized in its area of expertise while severely lacking in its ability to answer other questions. To put it plainly: while science answers the “how” questions, philosophy answers the “why.”

At its core, philosophy is an investigative venture that seeks to ask questions about existence itself. The topics and subdomains covered can be vast, but you must be specific if you want to order a philosophy essay for sale.

Philosophy essay topics can include ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of science, etc. Each of these fields can easily swallow up entire academic careers, as there can always be more questions that need asking.

The study of ethics alone is especially relevant during this modern time of social reorganization around a more global and less traditional paradigm.

Western and Eastern philosophy. Why should I bother to know the difference?

To a very superficial observer, the two traditions are separated by the question of faith and belief. As a result of shallow analysis, western philosophy’s primary method seems exclusively reason-based, while Eastern philosophy is more of a blend of faith and knowledge.

This distinction is somewhat inaccurate. The reason is indeed the primary engine of Western thought, yet it only constructs upon a foundation of first principles. These principles cannot be deduced by reason; thus, they are outside of their domain.

Now that you know the basics of this discipline, it will be easier to write a “ What is Philosophy?” essay. Also, you can now explain and describe your exact needs to the writer. Failing to provide accurate instructions will result in a sub-par paper, regardless of the writer’s ability.


What is online essay writing?

The traditional experience of a student involved a unipolar life that revolved around going to college. Most students enrolled right after high school, and they did not have to worry about anything else.

However, the dynamics of modern life have strayed from that simple pattern. Many young and middle-aged adults are choosing to pursue higher education, and they do not have the luxury of focusing on college alone.

Many are working part-time or full-time jobs, in addition to other commitments to their personal life and relationships. Even if they are fresh out of high school, some cannot afford to pay the tuition without borrowing the money and going into debt. Nowadays, it is much more common for students to hold jobs while working on their degrees.

The days when one could just study while their parents paid modest tuition are gone. This new reality guarantees one thing: time is a very limited resource. We must also consider those who have obtained scholarships and cannot afford to get too many bad grades until that scholarship is revoked.

One of the few advantages brought by current circumstances is the presence of the Internet. Not only does this global network host a majority of our species collective knowledge, but it can also offer educational aids.

Spellcheckers, applications, calculators, and organizers can be found online, helping students struggling to maintain their grades.

Essays for sale are nothing new. The practice of paying another student to write a paper in your place is as old as the University system itself. Yet, there was limited recourse and oversight if the resulting paper was sub-par.

The rise of online essay paper writing sites

The rules of a relatively free market dictate that a need will ultimately create a market niche. Companies will form to meet that need and fill a specific niche.

Lately, the business of custom essay writing has seen a large amount of growth. Ghostwriting essays is a very lucrative business venture, as both students and companies can benefit from this arrangement.

The overworked student gets to unload some tasks on the writer, while the writer and his company receive financial compensation. Unlike the more outdated practice of paying another student to write for you, these companies are accountable if they fail to deliver.

Most pre-written essay platforms offer revisions in case the customer is not satisfied with the end product. Also, some sites have strong refund policies, offering to restore the customer’s funds. However, users should take care to read the fine print.

Many refund policies will not give you back your cash, instead offering site “credits” for the exact amount. This means that you can buy another essay but cannot take your business elsewhere.

The quality of paper sites can vary wildly. Parent companies will set up multiple brands, while others are standalone ventures. Yes, there are scam sites or places that refuse to verify and police their staff’s quality properly.

The online reviews are very mixed because of this experience. Some former and current customers praise these services, while others post negative reviews and regret their experience.

If you are a potential customer and are looking to purchase a personal philosophy essay for sale, you must be aware of this inconsistency issue.

The freelancer gamble

Modern life has not only changed the education system but the business sector as well. It used to be the case that small and medium-sized companies would form most of the economy. Sure, we always had large corporations, but their share of the market was not absolute.

Nowadays, the landscape has changed. Most small businesses are struggling to stay afloat, pressured by regulations and competition. As governments pass more and more regulations, only large multinationals can afford the new mandatory types of equipment, practices, and departments.

In addition, multinationals are less likely to gamble on hiring people without experience. A logical loop is formed: where you need experience to get hired, but you need to get hired to have experience.

Many capable people are locked out of the economy, unable to start working due to the outrageous entry barrier. Even internships have begun to require experience.
The demands of getting a job have become unreasonable. You need almost two decades of preparation just for the vague hope of obtaining a low-pay, entry-level position.

Thus, we have the rise of the “gig” economy.
A parallel economy has suddenly taken form, where those who have been left behind are working “gigs” as freelancers. The internet is also partly to thank for this new trend, as any intellectual work can easily be sold to the entire world.

Programmers, graphics designers, writers, musicians, video editors, and photographers do not have to beg a monolithic company for a contract. If the demand exists, they can sell directly to those who are interested.

This business model offers untold freedom for writers, but it also lacks a pension plan or benefits. In addition, there is little oversight or legal repercussion for those freelancers who do not keep their word.

In the online contracting world, both clients and writers can simply disappear or stop responding to emails. Payment is rarely guaranteed, and it is possible to scam business associates. Freedom will always go hand in hand with risk.

This Wild West situation explains the inconsistent quality of an essay in philosophy for sale. Sure, the website may hire a teacher who is trying to make some money on the side, but it can also hire a scammer that lives on the other side of Globe.

Freelancer writers are expected to pass some sort of vetting process when they are hired, yet that doesn’t guarantee quality in their work.
In fact, some paper writing sites have a premium option that allows users to pay extra for the guarantee of getting an experienced writer. For many clients, the certainty of working with a pro is worth the extra cash.


Philosophy essay topics

We briefly touched on the sub-domains of philosophy earlier.
Knowledge of these fields is essential in learning how to start a philosophy essay. But why should you bother to know these things if you’re paying someone else to write the essay?

Well, you can’t ask for something if you don’t know how to ask. Even the best writer cannot read your mind or the mind of your teacher. When he/she assigns you this task, it will come with certain specifications.

You went to class, and you are aware of your teacher’s pet peeves. Even if you didn’t go to philosophy class too often, you must form at least a basic vocabulary.
Writing a philosophy essay outline can be especially challenging, given that most of the terminology hails from Greek. The terms are not intuitive or descriptive.

  • Epistemology – considered one of the pillars of philosophy, focusing on the study of knowledge. Justification, belief, origins, and nature are common subjects.
  • Ethics – one of the four main branches of philosophy, this field represents the study and argumentation of morality and behavior. Ethics often concerns itself with questions of right and wrong.
  • Logic- represents the study of the principles of reasoning. It constructs the framework for the acceptance of a proposition based on the validity of other propositions.
  • Metaphysics – this final pillar of philosophy studies the fundamental nature of reality. While science is adept at explaining natural phenomena, metaphysics tries to answer why those phenomena are there and how they came to be. A translation of the term reveals that this field is called “above physics.”

Of course, we can split hairs endlessly, as each of these fields has subsequent sub-fields. A philosophy essay example online can be consulted, giving you a frame of reference.

It should be mentioned that online paper selling sites also provide other types of essays. There isn’t a business that specializes only in philosophy essay structure. These firms are general “paper” writing platforms and can sell any type of academic work.

Students can order a pre written essay, thesis, reviews, dissertation, critical essay, argumentative essay, and many other topics. Also, you can hire these platforms solely for editing work or plagiarism checks.

Basically, if the work involves keystrokes and the written word, they have you covered.

The ordering process

Ordering a college essay from an essay ghostwriter is not difficult. Most of these companies’ websites have a similar intuitive layout. Here are the main steps of ordering a paper:

  1. The price estimator.
    As you access the page, it will most likely feature a price estimation tool. Here, you will fill the most important fields, each representing a criterion in calculating the final price. You must determine the number of pages, the academic level, and the deadline.
    A philosophy essay for sale online will cost more if it is more urgent, and it requires a higher level of research.
  2. A more detailed form. After these basic details are provided, the site will estimate a rough price. You will be redirected to a more extensive form that will require your basic contact info. You can also input more details regarding the page itself. After the form, some sites will necessitate you to create an account and pre-pay for the work. A writer will contact you if any questions arise. Extra features such as plagiarism checks, editing, and the inclusion of a table of contents are available. Their inclusion will be more costly.


The modern economy and educational system are caught somewhere between modernity and an unrealized digital reform. It can be stressful and confusing to be a student in this climate, making it wise to use any tool at your disposal.

Essay selling sites are an advantage that many people cannot afford to ignore. These services can free up some of our time, making it possible to relax or focus on more urgent matters.

However, even in this case, the student must be informed. At least a base level of knowledge is required to properly explain the requirements, in addition to a hefty financial investment.
Hiring an essay ghostwriter doesn’t represent a dodging of one’s academic responsibility. In many cases, the customer is just outsourcing a secondary task.