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Essays play a huge role in reporting events. Depending on the type you adopt, you are either writing about yourself or something you experienced or events that has nothing to do with you. This is why there are various essay samples. They act as channels for our thoughts. Now imagine your mind as a subject for diagnosis. You walk into a waiting room with them and you need to express yourself. A doctor is in front of you. What style do you use? 

If it is a story about your personal life, you will need a descriptive essay. This is because you will require detailed information and this form of essay does this best. If you are looking to place two opposite things side by side to arrive at a debate, a persuasive essay works best. 

When new products bug you and all you want is to know more, apply an analytical essay. You go deep into yourself to check a decision, self-reflection essay. You are comparing two things, compare and contrast essay. These often come in different formats but before we go into these, let’s define and outline our terms. 

What is an Essay?  

An essay is a penciled-down construction of words where the writer expresses a certain idea and supports it with statistics, quotations, explanation, and logic.  The elementary medium an essay takes is called the five-paragraph essay. However, an essay may have more than five paragraphs. 

Types of Essay 

Narrative Essays: It is when the writer is relating an event or description via the essay. These are often from the writer’s frame of mind or the first person. The objective when writing this essay is to make the reader see the event as if they were right there when it was transpiring. So make your words as colorful and actual as possible. One of the techniques to make this feasible would be to hold onto visualizing your moments or the principle of showing and not telling.

Descriptive Essays: The author will describe a place, an object, an occasion, or maybe even a memory. But it isn’t simply clearly describing things. The author must paint a picture through his words. Do not just rely on sight but also involve the other senses of smell, touch, noise, etc. A descriptive essay when performed will make the readers have the same expression that the author was feeling at the moment.

Expository Essays: During such an informative article a writer presents a balanced study of a topic. To write such an essay, the author must have real and extensive knowledge about the topic. There is no scope for the author’s feelings in an expository essay. It’s based on data, statistics, examples, etc.

Persuasive Essays: This is the objective of the essay. It is to have the reader to your angle of the debate. A convincing essay isn’t only the production of truths but action to encourage the audience to the author’s standpoint. Both sides of the debate have to illustrate these attempts. Nevertheless, the absolute aim is to entice the readers that the author’s assertion carries extra weight.


Outline of an Essay 

An essay outline is a means of defining the structure of your essay before the job of writing begins.  It includes writing summary sentences or phrases to every point you will cover in each paragraph, so giving you a picture of how it will unfold.  The key parts (or segments) to the composition are the intro, body, and conclusion. Normally, five paragraphs can offer the reader sufficient information in a brief quantity of space for a short essay.

Essay writing is a challenging assignment for most students today. But it can still be surmounted by knowing these tips of writing an essay and you’re good to go.

  • Examine the essay prompt carefully and discern the problem 
  • Pick a theme
  • Create a sketch
  • Sample outline
  • Write your essay
  • Build an essay statement
  • Write out the initial paragraph
  • Outline the body paragraphs

Examples of Essay Samples 

College Essay Samples 

A college essay is where students display their literary ability. It showcases various writing abilities. This style is one of the only parts of a university program where a student’s voice can vibrate through.  Unlike the usual monotony of test grades and transcripts, a college admissions essay gives students a way to advertise their character.

The first and often the most challenging in this essay writing process are identifying what to write about. There are normally several essays prompts to pick on a college program.  They tend to be wide, open-ended inquiries, giving students the freedom to write about a wide selection of topics.

Reflective Essay Samples 

Reflective writing is a rational practice in which the writer depicts a substantial or literary scene, event, interaction, withdrawal thought, or memory and provides a private reflection on its importance.  

Comparison and Contrast Essay Samples 

The main focus in this type of writing would be to measure how similar two texts or items are.  It sees how different, or comparable in certain parts and diverse others.  The pre-modern and post-modern times is a fantastic example.  There might be the presence of technology in both but one includes a more advanced edition.  Topics that one can explore for this set of essays revolve around theories, events, people, items, places, and so on.  

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Samples 

A rhetorical inquiry is an article that dissects non-fiction into portions and then clarifies how the fractions function together to establish a specific effect — it is to persuade, entertain or inform. A rhetorical analysis is a category of essay that notices a text concerning oratory.  This means that it is less anxious with what the writer is asserting than with how they say: their own goals, procedures, and also interests the audience 

High School Essay Samples 

A high school essay is anything that appears between an academic piece that instructors would ask their students to write.  It might be anything like an editorial dissertation, instructive essay, or explanatory essay.


Samples College Entrance Essay 

Admission or program composition, sometimes also called a personal statement or a statement of purpose, is an essay or other written statement composed by an applicant, often a prospective student applying to some college, university, or graduate school.  The program essay is a common part of the university and college admissions procedure.

Some programs may need a couple of essays to be completed, but others make essays optional or supplementary. Essay topics are quite special to open-ended.

Classification Essay Samples 

Classification is called the craft of arranging together various articles that ration similar traits or sources.  A classification paper, thus, bonds with the interpretation of several issues or themes in a paper surrounding all of them dealing with widespread properties.

This kind of writing isn’t prominent by regulation; most men and women prefer to go for essay types that they are familiarized with.  Students are generally more accustomed to composing reflective, narrative, creative, and argumentative papers than classification-related work.  However, this type of writing is not as confusing as it may seem.

Self-reflection Essay Samples 

Self-reflection is a private encounter.  Therefore, the tone and voice of the composing are private as well.  You compose it from the first-person point of view. 

A self-reflection essay is an essay that needs you to use your critical thinking abilities.  It is a platform where you express your personal experiences about a certain topic. Most tutors ask students to compose self-reflection essays in their personal experiences academically.

Persuasive Essay Samples 

An essay that attempts to induce the reader to agree with a certain point or argument is a persuasive essay. You display the debates in a distinct format or style so that the reader may lean to your side. Essentially, the essay aims to convince about a particular point.   Until you achieve that aim, a persuasive essay isn’t yet completed successfully. An excellent essay writer uses research and suggestions to work within this particular job. A persuasive essay also clarifies determined topics in a way to guide the audience to some well-informed decision that’s both logical and aligns with the topic’s standpoint. It is often known as an argumentative essay.

Unlike an expository essay that’s recognized as examination questions or part of standardized tests, the student writes persuasive or argumentative essays out of the course or examination hall since they require extensive research. 

Analytical Essay Samples

An analytical essay is a variety of articles where you set on an assertion, and then evaluate it with substantiated statements.  The extent of topics for this type of paper naturally includes analyzing a book, a chart, a unique event, or a film.  If the paper is on a chart, as opposed to sketching the points of the chart, your analytical essay will compel you to examine its mode, creator’s expectations, and central points.

To formulate a strong analytical essay, it’s important to have a great awareness of its identity and purpose, inquiry of a particular issue allotted by a college lecturer.  A student should thoroughly assess the given situation and analyze both its positive and negative points. These things then have to be developed further, agreeing or disagreeing with their characters.  The explanations and encouraging claims ought to be logical and followed by a well-thought-out string of facts.


MLA Format Essay Samples 

An MLA dissertation has a typical technique for every page including 1-inch edges, a distinct font, a running header comprising your last name and number of the page, and author-page single text quotations.  After your paper, you will put in works referred to a listing of all of the references used in the paper. 

This is called the Modern Language Association. It builds values for declaring openly sources utilized in a study paper.  MLA citation style utilizes a documentation program that is in two-part for citing sources. Quotations in the text of a paper point to the alphabetical works cited list that appears in the conclusion of the paper.

APA Format Essay Samples 

The APA reference style is an “author-date” technique, so the reference in the text contains the author(s) and again the year of publication given totally or somewhat in round brackets.  Use just the surname of the author(s) followed by a comma and the year of publication. 

Scholarship Essay Samples 

If you’re advancing for a scholarship, fortunately, you have to write an essay. Not many scholarship procedures are based entirely upon an application form or transcript.  The essay is the most crucial basis of your program; it gives the scholarship committee an understanding of who you are and your devotion to your targets. You will need to be apparent that your scholarship essay would be very promising.  Unless declared differently, your essay must be: Double spaced, Times New Roman font, 12 point font, One-inch top, bottom, and side margins

Essay Writing Services 

These essays are not always available. As a writer, you might come back across the writer’s block that prevents you from taking things to paper. Or maybe you are just uninterested in the topic. It might be a bore. Or you are just not a writer yet you still have to deliver an essay. 

This is where essay writing services come in. Buyers, however, encounter issues. Finding the best essay might prove hard for you. You might have a problem with the write-up not meeting your style not up to par. Here are a few tips on patronizing essay writing services:

  • They are very useful for meeting deadlines 
  • Some of the services come from a group of professional writers with an understanding of the trade.  They can write on different themes. 
  • Essays are made for the client’s needs.
  • Plagiarism is a problem buying a compare and contrast essay can solve. There is a 100% chance there will be no plagiarism.
  • The services might be cheaper than writing it yourself.
  • There will be discounts for bulk orders. 


An essay is normally a brief bit of writing summarizing the author’s standpoint or story. It’s often deemed similar to a narrative or a paper or a manuscript. Essays could be formal in addition to informal. Formal essays are generally academic and handle serious topics. The kind of essay will be contingent on what the author wishes to convey to his reader.

Employing an essay writing service is one of the most effective ways to improve your academic writing skills and also to do better at college. Whether you’re studying in the UK or abroad; an undergraduate, a master’s, or a different degree; returning to education after a long break, or simply struggling with a specific topic, essay writing services are reliable. 


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